I absolutlely think one of the BIGGEST digital marketing challenges that small business have is their ability to be found online effectively when potential customers are searching for services they offer. That’s why I think most successful businesses live and die by the effectiveness of their company website. Almost 100% of business transactions start online in some fashion with a search query or research… and to succeed in today’s business environment you must be found online.

Many small businesses look for a designer or web developer to help them create their website. We work with many startups and existing small businesses each year to either create a new site or refresh their current one. However, there are many online platforms that allow you to create and publish a website yourself. A word of caution if you take this route –– think about the overall growth and the desired scalability of your business in the future. A lot of these online website builders are somewhat limited and don’t allow you to fully develop/utilize online marketing tactics and you could end up starting over, sacrificing valuable time and money, as your online marketing needs grow. We recommend working with a firm or web designer to get you off to the right start.

Another important consideration when thinking about a website is the visual approach and site structure.

First of all, a poorly designed website can hurt your reputation and your efforts to position your company as an expert in your industry. If there are unattractive design elements, non-intuitive navigation paths, or cumbersome visuals to overcome in your website design and functionality, visitors might not even get to the heart of your message and what you can offer them.

Here a few things you should make sure are on your website:
• A compelling use of your logo, brand, etc.
• A straightforward statement of the services or products you offer
• Your location, operating hours, and contact information
• A clear call to action (what you want site visitors to do next)

We’d be glad to help you get started with your website marketing efforts. Contact us today for a free consultation to determine your needs.