Honestly, if I hear the phrase “content is king” one more time I may lose my mind. However, it’s SO TRUE. That’s why nobody else has come up with another mantra that so accurately describes the need for good content.

Regardless whether you have a good looking website or not, without valuable and relevant content, your marketing efforts won’t deliver the results you want.

So, first of all, let’s take the mystery out of this very overused word — content. You hear it all the time, but exactly what is it and do you recognize it when you see it? 

Content is simply the targeted, valuable and relevant information you share with your customer personas (about your business) in the hopes it attracts the right visitors to your site. Visitors that are ready to engage with you and ultimately purchase your services or products. That’s it. Mystery solved. Tell your story (over and over again) in creative and compelling ways. Success stories, case studies, customer experiences, your business culture, etc.

Ideally, you want a promotional channel that can deliver consistent information. That could be a newsletter, a blog, video posts — and of course, create shareable content for your social media channels. Always use attractive photos and imagery to help sell your passion for what you do.

I know… that’s might sound like a lot of content to create. You don’t have to do it all right away. Pick a channel and develop consistency and a strong point of view. 

Sometimes, overcoming the challenge to create valuable content on a regular basis can involve hiring others to create content for you. Many small businesses hire agencies to take care of their content creation needs.

We are glad to connect with you in order to take a first step toward better content creation OR assist your team in executing those marketing channels. Let us know how we can help.