Change is inevitable.

I know. Cliché.

But wait. I want you to pause there. Just sit with the idea of “change” for a minute. Even if it makes you a feel a little uncomfortable.

When I think about the implication of change, my mind lands on two possible perspectives — bad and good. First, change (just for the sake of change) can often lead to chaos. Sometimes its needless and wasteful. The fear of change is real and can be paralyzing for some folks. Change can hurt. 

On the flip side, change can sometimes be exactly what you need. A rescue. Survival in some cases. A welcome change.

Like most of you, I’ve dealt with change my entire life. It has cut me off at the knees when I least expected it. The sudden loss of a loved one. A change of expectations others have for me. The fear of making a move, so I stayed put, long after I should have. 

Other change has propelled me. Lifechanging words of encouragement from a teacher. Meeting my life partner. Becoming a parent. Starting my own business. Changing a specific set of skills in order to better serve my clients.

Good or bad, change can be transformational. That all depends on how you look at it. How you adapt. If you embrace it or not. But most important, how you prepare for it.

As a marketing professional for nearly three decades, nothing exemplifies change more so to me than digital communications. There has been (and continues to be) a dramatic change in the way we relate, consume and communicate. Life on demand, a 24/7 stream into our minds and lives, consciously and sometimes not. Increased expectations for connection, positioning and relevance. A digital tidal wave.

Communication, and therefore the way we conduct business, will continue to evolve. As it should. Indeed, change is as inevitable as waves crashing onto the shore.

Unfortunately, this digital communication evolution has left some of you feeling left a bit marginalized. Unrelatable. Irrelevant. I would even guess, overwhelmed. Whether that feeling is due to a lack of knowledge, resources, opportunity or a deep reluctance to change… you don’t have to remain there. If you choose to embrace, adapt and transform you can break through the barrier of frustration or lack of preparedness that you may be experiencing. 

What does a digital breakthrough look like? It could be a more efficient way of communication with your customers and peers. An increased digital rhythm that helps you promote your business and services to those who need it, right now. It may be a new and intentional presence online — that harnesses the power of digital technology — with the flexibility to ebb and flow as needed. That’s the great thing about digital strategy and digital marketing. Like all of us — if we embrace it — change can be used for positive transformation.

Every day, I help businesses achieve success through the creation and implementation of digital marketing strategies. If you have the courage and commitment to change, I can help you find your place too — a firm position — in a digital-driven world.