Well… since I just tweeted that “I still believe in the power of blogs” I better get one up or all of you will certainly call me out.

I do believe in blogging. There is no better way to communicate passion, vision, thought leadership, critical insights for a specific industry… and the list can go on and on. It doesn’t have to be laborious process or a certain length. Just authentic and for a purpose. That purpose can be for persuasion, education, advocacy or whatever else you deem important and relevant.

The key things to consider when blogging are:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do they care about?
  • Is your content relevant to those needs?
  • Does the content and platform grow you as a thought leader in your industry?

For example, I like to believe our website (and this blog) is targeted toward marketers who are extremely busy. They often times do not have the flexibility to follow marketing trends, research social tools, etc. I consider it an honor to help provide them with relevant tools and tips to “stay in the game.” I only hope this content is relevant to them. Based on the feedback I get, it is. (Thanks by the way!) And, finally… I also believe this type of practice does position me as a thought leader and differentiates me from others out there doing a similar type of work.

If you want to learn more about effective blogging, follow this link. If you want to learn more about being relevant and developing thought leadership through social media and content, then be on the lookout for a special @330 Presentation I’ll be giving to Commerce Lexington members in March 2018. Should be fun.