On the surface that’s simple — a small collection of advertising, marketing and creative professionals coming together for a common and necessary purpose — to earn a living.

But, in truth it’s so much more. Balance Creative is the culmination of several core principles (held by each of the partners) that have guided their careers for over twenty-five years. Those principles are actually very simple. First, the essence of life (and work) is about the experience. It’s about the joy and excitement you can find in each day and each project. It’s about the discoveries you make in the creative process — about the project at hand and about yourself. It’s about growing and learning, and getting back up when you fall short. It’s about being the best you can be — that day, that hour, that moment. And, each day’s best looks different from yesterday and will look different from tomorrow. But, we commit to giving it our best each day, each project. Second, another critical element of life (and work, again) is about the relationships. It’s the people we encounter, support, encourage, serve, learn from, teach, and embrace. It’s about relationships with those who help us do our jobs better, the ones who challenge us to go further, the ones we are inspired by… regardless, if they are paying us or not.

Balance Creative, in essence, is about developing compelling creative concepts (no matter the medium) that stand out, get attention and are exciting to be a part of. We do it for our clients and for ourselves. Otherwise, what’s the point? We also want to always make sure those solutions are relevant, practical, effective, priced right, delivered well and meet the goals of the people we serve. After all, they are trusting us to help them… so all of us can go home at the end of each day and experience life, (knowing we did our best) with all of it’s surprises — and then love, support, and encourage the people in our own individual circles.

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