At the beginning of 2014 we sent surveys to our clients to get a sense of what we did well last year. We were looking for feedback to determine current strengths and weaknesses. Specifically, to find out if there are particular marketing areas our clients are anxious to explore. We got lots of great info related to what we do well AND some areas for growth  — just like we asked for! (Don’t ask if you don’t want to know.)

Interestingly, the topic of true customer service came up over and over again. (not to anyone’s surprise)

Clients desire authentic, transparent and ever-evolving relationships. Of course they always appreciate (and expect) innovative creativity, qualified skill sets, measurable results, etc. But, again and again, clients expressed their desire (and appreciation) for engaging, two-way, and responsive relationships with us — where they’re assured we are interested and passionate about what they do. They don’t just want “on-time and on-budget” deliverables — they want advocates for their business and leaders to help them navigate the ever-changing waters of marketing. They want partners.


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