Whether it’s your church group, your neighborhood or the city of Lexington, we all belong to a community. We look to those communities for support, opportunity and guidance. And in an election year like this one, the majority represents us on a national level.

On the 1st of November, Smiley Pete Publications and the Blue Grass Community Foundation kicked off its Goodgiving Challenge 2012. In the first day alone more than $90,000 was donated to local Lexington non-profits through their website goodgivingguide.net.

Currently at the top of the leaderboard is one of our very own clients, the Prichard Committee, with more than $7,500 in donations the first day. We recently had the opportunity to redesign their website and are excited that they’re receiving so much online traffic through the Goodgiving campaign.

Whether you vote in the upcoming presidential election or donate to a local non-profit, make sure you do something to give back in these last months of 2012.