Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a client’s open house. AST Environmental, Inc. is a leading environmental service and contracting company that helps its customers achieve integrated, cost-effective and timely solutions. In a nutshell, they help clean up what we (as humans) sometimes mess up. It’s a good thing. The food and hospitality were great and it was good to see some of the new branding materials on full display – logo, banner, posters, etc. However, once again I am reminded how we are all so interconnected on this small and amazing planet we live on. For three years, AST has held this open house around professional development sessions and key meetings. Personnel and strategic partners come from as far as Denmark and Colorado to attend. Why this weekend in October? Why Midway, Kentucky? Well… it’s all so they can field their annual team (Mix Masters) of runners in the Bourbon Chase. They intentionally build this important business function around this fantastic central Kentucky event – built around one of Kentucky’s signature brand’s, bourbon. And recently, we’ve had a tremendous time working with tourism and bourbon organizations to promote Kentucky Bourbon. So, regardless if you’re a client, runner, environmental specialist or bourbon aficionado, it’s a small (and fascinating) world!



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