ARMAmong the many types of work we do, working with small companies (that are just starting up or just starting to develop its identity and marketing presence) is one our favorite things. It’s fun to come across that person who basically has an idea, a vision… of what is to come or what can be. They somehow land on our doorstep and we help them take that initial vision to a reality. Appalachian Regional Manufacturing is one of those clients. Even though ARM has been around for a while, the new owner is just now starting to promote and position this company as a viable option for manufacturing assembly. With a group of dedicated local employees from Eastern Kentucky, ARM is striving to provide a dependable quality of life for its employees and reach out to Kentucky based manufacturing facilities who may be able to use their services and facilities. Yes, the organization is small now (as was their list of marketing deliverables) but I think BIG things are in store for this company. We can’t wait to partner with them along the way.


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