If you’re a graphic design firm, advertising agency or any organization that works in the advertising/marketing industry, then this time of year is always interesting and exciting. Even though we’re looking forward to a brand new year of fresh starts, new projects and bright ideas… if you choose to, you can also spend some time looking back at the previous year’s work — especially if you’re planning to participate in creative competitions like the national ADDY® Awards.

Each December, we creatives begin the retrospective exploration to determine what we will enter. What stood out? What exceeded expectations? What got overlooked? What are we the most proud of, or plain embarrassed about. Hey, it happens. Regardless of the final selection, it’s always a great exercise. And, often we find ourselves saying… “Cool, that was a great year.” or “Really, is that all I have?” Anyway, I hope you find yourself exclaiming the former verses the latter.

BTW – check out some of the creative product (shown above) that we developed for the local ADDY® competition for AAF Lexington. It was fun and it’s always nice to give back! Kudos to Jim for a marvelous design and our talented intern, Jonathon, for some creative copy. If only it guaranteed a trophy or two. Oh well… see you at ADDY® Drop Off and good luck!

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