“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.”  –  Louis L’Amour

As creative thinkers, sooner or later we come to that place: ” I cannot continue… I am out of new ideas… I am getting to old for… now what… etc.”  When we run into these BLOCKS, that’s when it’s time to stop thinking. Thinking most always gets in the way. While this applies to every aspect of life let’s stick with creative problem solving. Has anyone looked at a white sheet of paper and trembled with FEAR? Clear your mind and forget everything. That fear is nothing more than built-up Ego. Ego is based on false information, usually negative, and perceptions that aren’t aligned with any reality. So let go, become a child again… then everything becomes possible and there is no monkey-mind voice in your head saying NO. Replacing false ego with your own individual truth is like dropping an entire, exterior identity, like giving up and quitting who you are based on your title, awards, lifestyle, the expectations that we often wear as easily as an old shirt… This may sound odd, but perhaps it makes perfect sense. Have you ever heard “Live neither in remembrance nor in anticipation but in the Moment?”  That expands one’s worldview and the blank page becomes a beginning… there is such freedom in drawing – or painting, writing, taking photographs – with that childlike sense of discovery, whether it’s a new venture or you’ve been beginning again for years.

Not sure how to tie my Illustration into this… Let me know if you see any metaphors in there.

Jim Edmon