As a creative services firm, most of what we do still falls into the “traditional” category… if there is such a thing. Brochures, posters, print ads, etc. However, more and more… especially as we add additional services and deliverables to our creative arsenal… we are helping clients develop and execute enhanced digital strategies and a lot of that is coming in the form of video content.

In today’s sophisticated media space, customers and clients are looking for increased customer engagement. Nothing helps them achieve that more than effective story telling through videos.

Tim West, Strategy Director from White Labelled believes that businesses can use video to engage customers in two areas. “Videos can be used to help customers understand a product’s features and benefits as well as help the audience understand a subject in which the retailer has products for sale,” explains West. “Generally we recommend a business investigates using video when the subject is a complicated one, or their site visitation has reached a point where the uplift in sales pays for the productions costs.”

Video can deliver a lot of information in a short clip, and it has a wide reach because it can be used on multiple channels, online and offline. However, businesses need to make sure that their video content is valuable to the customer.

West also believes a big budget isn’t necessary to create a valuable clip. You need to focus on adding value for the customer. What information will help them make an informed purchase decision? What questions would they have about a category of products in which you operate? “

The bottom line is that video is an important piece of content to have in your current marketing strategy. Video creates a much more engaging customer experience, which improves conversions, retention and brand loyalty.

Below are some recent examples of video content that we have helped create or collaborated on. Check them out!

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